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Italian style bracelets

Wrists are beautiful, no wonder we love to decorate them. The designs for our Filippa Firenze bracelets are inspired by the relaxed fashion sense of Italian women. Who wears statement pieces more naturally than she? Even! Filippa Firenze brings you exactly this wonderful feeling of female strength through individual looks. With our bracelets you underline your personality in an elegant way.

Modern bracelets for luxury moments - every day

High-quality enamel, 18-carat gold or silver-plated, a link look, hoops or a knot statement: our jewelery for the wrist impresses with its feminine elegance and is also absolutely suitable for everyday use. In the truest sense of the word, in no time at all, your ordinary business outfit becomes a modern look with a wow factor. Our bracelets always fit - whether casual or chic. His job, which he masters with bravura: underline your charisma and enable you to make a glamorous appearance.

How do I combine multiple bracelets?

Combining several bangles or bracelets is absolutely hip. The Italians also love this look and show how it's done. A simple bracelet goes perfectly with a statement piece with knot details. The result is a self-confident, edgy look that radiates elegance and coolness at the same time. You should take a look at our beautiful earrings , which are also gold-plated and decorated with fine glass crystals, to match our elegant bracelets. They also make your look something very special. Incidentally, a mixture of gold and silver tones is not only permitted today, but even desired. It is precisely this sometimes bold combination that looks self-confident and can be seen everywhere on the arms of the Italian women.

How should a bracelet fit?

A bracelet should never be too tight. Apart from the fact that such an uncomfortable feeling arises on the wrist bones, the slight play around the wrist is desired with this type of bracelet. Some of us women have trouble getting bracelets over the carpal bones. That's why we have some clip models that make it easier to put on the statement pieces. It's perfect when there's about 0.5-1 cm between the circumference of your wrist and the circumference of your bracelet.