Courage to use color - and which ones make you shine!

"I don't want to be the center of attention too much!", My hair is so conspicuous by nature", "Black just goes with everything!" - these are naturally the sentences that we hear again and again.

Over the past few weeks - since the launch of Filippa Firenze - we have had many conversations with friends, customers and consultants. Almost everyone loves the dazzling color spectrum of our collection. However, most of them then always resort to the same muted and, above all, dark tones. Time for us to do away with colorful prejudices and appeal to the courage to use colour!

Many women simply do not dare to "risk" color. Colors that match your own type can be extremely attractive and flattering. We appear fresher, livelier and even more relaxed in the perception of others. Even the smallest bumps on the face can be optically compensated. But how can that be?!

Attention: Strong bright colors attract attention!

These include azure blue, deep red, pink and orange. With their multifaceted intensity, they attract attention and let you radiate with joie de vivre and temperament.

Darker colors appear deep and mysterious.

We think of midnight blue, petrol, copper, dark green or chocolate brown. These colors have depth and intensity. You can supplement these with bright or lighter nuances, as mentioned above - or you can choose our collection, because we have already taken this into account for you from the start! Either way, your outfits will get a fresh kick.

Combinations of gray and blue can look very classy.

Possible color variants are: anthracite, blue-black, sea tones, taupe. You can combine these wonderfully with green, petrol and silver.

Black and white doesn't really suit everyone!

For many, this contrast is just too harsh and looks severe - because of #allblackeverything! Tone down the variant and use a dark blue, blue-grey, chocolate brown, or similar. We have a lot in store for you!specimen book.

Have fun discovering! Cheers, your team from Filippa Firenze

Entrepreneur & founder Kyra Kuklies

Kyra Kuklies
Entrepreneur & Founder of Filippa Firenze GmbH