"Caviar i Cabernet" - crystal earclips in teardrop shape

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The teardrop shape of our "Caviar i Cabernet" is called "Gocce" in Italy and is a hit with Milan's high society. Rightly so - there could hardly be a nobler combination than this delicate, filigree grey-blue paired with a deep, tasteful dark blue. An ideal match to upgrade the daily outfit in no time at all or to give the "little black dress" the finishing touch in the evening. The ear clip shines and sparkles in all facets and is therefore definitely an eye-catcher, with a relaxed and easy wearing comfort!

Material: 90% Crystal, 10% Copper
Dimensions: 6 cm length x 2.4 cm width x 2.4 cm depth
Color: dark blue, grey-blue

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