La Storia: The Story Behind Filippa Firenze

La Storia: The Story Behind Filippa Firenze

Who is behind the jewelery label and what does fashion have to do with female empowerment?

Passion - that is what best describes the founding story of Filippa Firenze. Kyra Kuklie's passions: Traveling to Mediterranean hotspots, the Italian lifestyle and, last but not least, the power of fashion. The Italians know how to look effortlessly stunning at every aperitif. They manage to make the coolest styles and most fashionable combinations look as if they had been put together with a snap of the fingers: casual, effortless, magically attracting looks.

Glamorous & feminine

Inspired by Italian fashion and animated by her own passion, Kyra founded the Filippa Firenze label in 2018. Here, the typical Italian and casual elegance is combined with pure glamour. Filippa Firenze, these are the most modern accessories for the absolute wow look in color combinations that have not previously been available for purchase. Our exciting pieces of jewelery underline your individual personality. You have to love the sustainable materials we use: 18 carat gold plated, elaborately enamelled and glass crystals that reflect the light in 1000 facets. New collections and models are constantly being added. Filippa Firenze is always up to date. The glamorous pieces match the latest fashion trends as well as the seasonal colors and fabrics. They conjure up inspiring looks from ordinary outfits in no time at all.

"With Filippa Firenze I want to show who we women are: strong beauties - always!"
What does a woman with a Masters in Media Management & Entrepreneurship, experience in marketing and social media management do? Give the women of this world a stage! Every day and everywhere. The label has developed rapidly since 2018.

The Italian-style pieces of jewelery are now also known from magazines such as Elle, Freund, Cosmopolitan, Focus, Grazia and Bunte. In live broadcasts by QVC Germany, the unique pieces regularly win the hearts of viewers.
Filippa Firenze manages to reinterpret and modernize teleshopping.

Fashion is female empowerment!

Kyra has already received various awards, such as the "German Prize for Online Communication", her label Filippa Firenze has been nominated for the title "Shop of the Year 2022" in the fashion and accessories category and stands for more than "just" jewelry.

Here, beauty and fashion are combined with an important mission: to feel self-confident and to emphasize natural radiance and coolness - at all times. This is definitely a form of female empowerment for Filippa Firenze and Kyra!

our mission

We don't "just" make jewelry - we give an attitude to life. With our pieces of jewellery, every moment becomes an individual appearance. Beauty, quality and design meet strong women and together we achieve great things. Fashion has power of expression and that's exactly what Filippa Firenze gives to women like you.

Handmade since day 1, straight to your home

Each of our high-quality accessories has been lovingly handcrafted. So every part is something very special. All our orders are processed immediately and will be with you quickly. We ship your selected pieces of jewelry within Germany free of charge.

Entrepreneur & founder Kyra Kuklies

Kyra Kuklies
Entrepreneur & Founder of Filippa Firenze GmbH