Italian style earrings

Filippa Firenze's story started with ear clips. Inspired by the fashion sense of the Italian women, the first piece of our label was already a breathtaking eye-catcher. Since then, each of our earrings, whether clip , stud or cuff, has made women like you feel even more beautiful. Every day and in every situation. Our Italian-style earrings draw everyone's attention - and you. With our noble pieces of jewelery you underline your charisma and show yourself to be multifaceted, strong-willed and full of energy.

Modern earrings for moments of luxury

Our earrings are highlights. They turn every simple outfit into a look in no time at all. It doesn't matter when you wear the items: whether with a blazer at a business lunch or with a shirt on a shopping tour through the metropolises of this world. With earrings by Filippa Firenze you show your incomparable sense of fashion and trends anywhere and anytime and live luxury - by the way. Our earrings are made from sustainable materials, 18k gold plated and adorned with sparkling glass crystals.

Find the right piece of jewelry now - suitable for the next celebration or for your next big everyday appearance in the office.

Which earrings are trending?

In principle, of course, everything is allowed that pleases and that optimally emphasizes your natural charisma. Nevertheless, Filippa Firenze's pieces of jewelery are always based on current metropolitan fashion and underline fashion trends in a very special way. Our earrings are always up to date and you are always impressively stylish. The basically timeless design in combination with seasonal tones and materials underlines the charisma of every fashionista.

What's the best way to combine sparkling earrings?

Our earrings always sparkle - they don't care about the occasion and you shouldn't either. Because every opportunity is your opportunity to show who you are and how gorgeous you look. Show off your charisma whether you're going to the office or meeting up with friends in one of the trendiest bars in town. Now is the time for glamour. Earrings by Filippa Firenze go well with both a business outfit and a casual look. They ensure that white even a t-shirt and jeans become an eye-catcher and that your evening dress gets a trendy upgrade. We love the sparkling accessories anytime. And you too for sure. To give your look an even more personal touch, our earrings can be combined with trendy headbands or elegant bracelets .

How do I properly care for earrings?

Our Italian style earrings are made with high quality materials. Of course, they stay beautiful for a long time if you take care of them accordingly. A soft cotton or microfiber cloth works best, with which you can carefully clean it after wearing it. In addition, you should only put on your jewelry after styling and hairdressing. In this way you avoid hairspray, perfume and the like unnecessarily attacking the materials. A beautiful ritual that gives your look a special shine at the very end.