Timeless and radiantly beautiful: jewellery for every age group

Timeless and radiantly beautiful: our jewelry is a must-have for every age group to express one's own personality. Browse our online shop now and find these and many other great accessories that will add the finishing touch to your style! 🍋🍸🌿

The Catch - Lightweight leather earrings in cream

Beauty knows no age - it lives in all of us!

With Filippa Firenze you can express your personality and feel confident and radiantly beautiful at any age. Because true beauty knows no boundaries!⁠

Our "The Catch" leather hoop earrings in cream are the perfect addition to your jewelry collection. These stunning earrings embody sophisticated elegance and timeless beauty. Key features: High-quality leather, luxurious feel and comfortable to wear. The simple, yet eye-catching design of the hoop earrings goes with a variety of outfits and occasions. The cream-colored surface gives them a classic touch.

Discover the timeless elegance of the "Milanese" ear clips by Filippa Firenze. These gentle clips skilfully combine classic design with a touch of luxury and are the perfect accessory for every occasion. The "Milanese" ear clips are decorated with sparkling glass crystals and finished with brushed silver. The deep green emerald crystals catch the light and give your look a touch of glamour.

The drop design of the earrings is timeless and versatile, making them ideal for both formal occasions and everyday wear. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear, and their simple elegance adds that extra something to any outfit. The "Milanese" ear clips are not just pieces of jewelry, but an expression of style and personality. They are made by experienced craftsmen who place the highest value on quality.

Milanese - Elegant silver ear clips with sparkling crystals

Gocce - Modern drop earrings in silver

The "Gocce" earrings are more than just jewelry. They are a statement of modern sophistication and add a subtle but unmistakable elegance to your look. The simple shape of the drop earrings adds modern glamour and grace without being over the top. They go perfectly with any outfit, be it for everyday wear or special occasions. The "Gocce" earrings are light and comfortable to wear all day long. The secure closure ensures that they always stay in place without sacrificing comfort. These earrings are the ideal gift for yourself or for that special person in your life who appreciates timeless beauty and modern chic.

Further accessory recommendations for your individual look:

Milanese ear clips 69,90

Shimmering emerald green, cool silver - a match made in heaven.


Gocce Drops 59,90

Go for silver statements! The Gocce are dynamic, stylish and absolutely on trend.


Drama at La Scala 69,90

Deep, glittering anthracite paired with brushed gold magically attracts everyone's attention.


Allora Hoop Earrings 59,90

Lightweight, paired with glamour, making it the highlight of any look.


Fior Fiore Earcuff 49,90

Gold-plated statement ear cuffs set with over 200 pavé crystals.


Champagne ear clips 69,90

Delicate, filigree champagne paired with tastefully brushed gold.


Entrepreneur & Founder Kyra Kuklies

Kyra Kuklies
Entrepreneur & founder of Filippa Firenze GmbH